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Elk Hunt
Copper Spur Ranch
Total Cost*: $4,500

McCoy, Colorado
(45 Miles North of Vail, CO)

Spend up to 7 days hunting bull and cow elk on private land at the Copper Spur ranch. This is a semi-guided hunt. The landowner, ranch manager, and the Pursuit team can provide some assistance and insights.


  • 1,100+ acres of private land for hunting

  • Access to 20,000+ acres of remote public land for hunting

  • Off-road vehicle

  • Lodging at the Copper Spur Ranch bunkhouse

  • Food & drinks (includes alcohol)

  • Access to rainbow and brook trout ponds (keep 2/person)

Not included:

  • Weapons (see page 14 of this document for legal requirements) & rods

  • Tags (see below) must be purchased by each individual hunter through state of Colorado. For this hunt, we will help you secure an Over the Counter (OTC) tag that's valid on private and public land.

  • Transportation to/from the ranch


Book Your Trip

Total Cost: $4,500

*$3,800 Charged by Pursuit, $700 to Colorado for Tag
Detailed instructions for buying a tag will be provided after booking

If any non-hunters would like to join your trip, contact Pursuit (sales@pursuitoutside.com) about pricing and availability.

Thank you for booking with Pursuit!

Your spot on the trip has been reserved (we'll call if there are any scheduling issues), and now you'll need to purchase your hunting tag separately. You need an OTC elk tag from this website. Depending on the week you selected for your trip, you will need to purchase the correct archery/rifle season tag. We will follow up to ensure you've purchased your tags, but if you have any questions or if you want us to walk you through the process, don't hesitate to reach out (sales@pursuitoutside.com)!

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